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"I want to thank you again for the fresh new start you have given me.  It is now my responsibility to move forward with it.  I speak not only of the weight loss and better diabetes control but also CONFIDENCE!  A friend asked about my success and I said it was with the "grace of God", then I thought, and with Grace Purusha who was sent to me by God." 

Anne from Maui  

"Grace's teachings have brought me to a much higher level of consciousness and understanding; both about eating and self-awareness. I have attended Grace's class "Change Your Eating, Transform Your Body", as well as some very valuable one-on-one consultations. Now, with my deeper understanding of the human body and mind, I easily achieve any goal I set. Grace is a first class practitioner, awesome body worker, and a hot cheerleader when I need more self-discipline. Thank you Grace!"                                                                             

Dave Josephson, Author the "Macho Man Diet"


"I want to tell you a little bit about Grace Purusha, my mentor, teacher, guide, coach, friend and angel. A friend who had been coaching with her assured us that we "had to meet her". Since then, I can’t recall anytime in my 56 years that more growth or meaningful change has unfolded for me. Grace is a “phenomenon”. She has been trained in so many modalities that working with her is like getting "the best of" all the consciousness expansion programs offered in the past 30 years.

One of Grace’s talents is getting right to the point. She has a way of focusing in on a core issue and drilling right in until she finds the path that you are ready to take. There are few dull moments with Grace, as she is present and holds you there. Her observations are revealing and the results are immediate. She supervised me in a week long detoxification, during which time I not only cleansed my body, but utilized the solitude to study different teachers and ancient texts which Grace believed would deepen my connection to my inner guidance and strengthen me as I re-entered my life.

The outcome has been even more incredible than I imagined possible. I feel more energetic, clearer, my memory has improved and I am less moody. I lost 12 pounds in the first three weeks I followed her suggestions. I can not emphasize enough the role that Grace’s diet has had on my well being. I could not have done this any other way. With Grace it’s fun, easy, and always makes sense so there is little questioning the message. Grace is a beautiful and rare soul that is steadfast in her commitment to healing and bringing more juice to people’s lives. Her energy is boundless and she has a level of determination that cannot be shaken. She is vulnerable and real and able to take a punch. She is willing for the purpose of the professional relationship to get honest feedback and the result is a “joint venture” of being, knowledge, and teaching. She is an extraordinary person and someone that you will want to have on your team."

David H. Charnack, Retired Financial Consultant

"Aloha Grace,

I did it!!!! I just completed your 21 day cleanse, not quite perfect this first time, but have experienced a huge reversal in my own health trend. I appreciated your workshop very much, read and re-read your book and am attempting to fully incorporate your clarity and wisdom about nutrition into my own life. I came home, energized and inspired, and awoke anew, reborn!!!! I just stopped my addictive behaviors. I feel so much better. My joint ache has greatly subsided, sleep is easy and good and my weight is coming down.

Thank you so much for this profound work. For me, your teaching that our eating is part of our spiritual path is one of the important affirmations I needed. I have so much gratitude."

Leana, Maui

"You are wonderful and have changed my life forever. You have made me change in ways that multiple doctors have tried to do in the past and failed."

Jason, Paia

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