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A 2 hour Masterpiece on How to Transform Your Life Habits
to Produce A Different Body, Higher Vitality
and More Consistent Happiness

1 DVD or 2 CD Set


Guaranteed to improve
how you look and feel…rapidly!
  • GET THE TEN HOTTEST TIPS for how to lose weight while you dissolve troublesome appetites for salty, sugary, rich foods and quantities that clog your body and hold you hostage. Increase your attraction to delicious, health producing food! Engage in an easy and practical cleanse that you will use all your life.

  • Enjoy Grace in action while she instructs her class on this on the simple, principle centered program that produces maximum results rapidly. Here she outlines the keys to a lifestyle, NOT another diet! She actually acts out how to replace resistance with inspiration. In this DVD she carries the torch that ignites your interest in being prepared and consistent.

  • Listen as Grace explains the steps for rapid improvement of how to clear and improve digestion, skin, respiratory tract, muscle and joint pain, moods, and addictive patterns.

Dear Friends,

I promise, that anyone wanting a change in their body shape, energy, symptoms, addictive eating, or inspiration relating to food, will experience an undeniable shift from applying the keys offered in this DVD. THE TEN KEYS are irresistible, powerful, and they work.

Grace Purusha


"Grace, about your recent Ten Keys class - more than awesome - you deserve to be on a national stage!! Not just the quality of content, but your ability to work with the energy in the room from a place of allowance and acceptance for where people show up was - totally enthralling. Love the way you support your students to choose - incredible to experience. Lady, you need to be on OPRAH!!!! Thank you for your work, and for being a beacon for me on my path."

Alan from San Rafael, CA

"Dear Grace,

I'm writing to thank you for a life-changing evening! I learned so much from you. Your physical demonstration of energy being pulled away, and pulling it back was particularly helpful. I've been practicing! It's amazing how often my energy can go out of myself!

The phrase, "That's not for me" was also very useful. When I went to the grocery store last night, I was tempted to buy fried chicken, and remembering my intention to have a wheat-free day, I said to myself, "That's not for me," and the temptation just dissolved.

I had a wonderful breakfast this morning, that followed the "eat less more often" key. My mind feels clear!

Thank you so, so much. You are a wonderful spirit, and a delight."

Jan S., Haiku Maui




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Once your paypal money is cleared, the DVD gets sent out immediately. You should receive it within 5 days. Also, make sure that you include your mailing address in the paypal window that allows you to leave an accompanying note.

If you wish to pay by check, it's a bit slower process, as you need to send $25 in snail mail by USPS.

THE $25 CHECK NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN TO: Radiant Aliveness.

As soon as your check for $25 is received, the DVD will be sent to you.
Please mail the check to: Grace Purusha, 3353 A Keha, Dr. Kihei, HI 96753


Often, readers wish to engage with me while or after watching this. Please know that it is my pleasure to do consultations by phone, and I do this with people all over the world with great ease and success. If you wish to do this, please email me to tell me of your intention to do so. Let me know if I may be of service to you in this way, once you start applying the Ten Keys.

Thank you again for your interest in this unique approach to transforming your old ways. This is a lifestyle that has worked for 100's of people by giving them the exact changes to make that are instantly applicable. Although the path to change may not be easy, it is simple and does work. All really good things are earned by our willingness to learn and change. May the force of your good intentions carry you along your way for the highest benefits available. Grace


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