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Take Time to Tone
Cleanse, and Revitalize

5-14 Day Live-In Programs

Take time-out from your busy lifestyle
Vacation and enjoy revitalizing time on the beach
while getting lean, strong, and energized





If you are wanting to have a special retreat for your family, church, school, or any group that would like to both vacation and improve their health at the same time, The Center can plan a group retreat specially for you. Simply contact us with your time-frame window and we'll set it up to fit all your needs.

We can make special plans for specific diets, age groups, exercise goals, entertainment, touring of the island, activities to suit the pleasure of the folks who are coming.



Each person will work at their own level and rhythm. Wherever you are on the vitality continuum, we will start there. Some people will come for deep rest only. Others will come for purification or cleansing, getting off of sugar and coffee, or learning how to make healthy food.

People with more vitality and enthusiasm for getting in shape may start by enjoying a stroll on the beach, then walking more vigorously, perhaps doing a second walk, going biking, possibly adding in a swim, or even a sunset walk, because you are feeling so fabulous, why not? Whatever you need to move forward, we will go at your pace. This program will be designed to meet YOUR personal needs.

At each meal, you learn and integrate convenient new ways to prepare and provide healthy food for yourself.

Become skilled at minimal eating and short term cleanses with impressive results in weight-loss, re-energization, and all symptom reduction.

Practice fun-filled, and effective outdoor training for increasing your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Several times per day, at your pace and only if you choose, we will move and tone our bodies with biking, walking, swimming, snorkeling, and sunset pumps on the ocean cliffs. (For more on this subject, please refer to the link on Home Page for Exercise and Fitness Programs.)

This is such a fabulously fun way to get into shape, get tan, and be in the marvelous ocean of Maui. It's really delightful to follow these easy, invigorating movements in the water. Jump around, shake and shimmy, twist and kick, pump your lymphatic system, run with resistance and no impact, get your upper body stronger by pushing and pulling, work those abs doing sit ups on your back, lay on the water and do bicycle pedaling….the options are endless. This water held, floatation exercise routine allows you to do an entire extra segment during your workout, because the effort is so drastically reduced by having the ocean hold you up.

It will be your option to also choose to receive hands-on body nurturing and re-charge sessions with a broad array of integrative bodywork that includes acupuncture without needles. Grace has developed a unique, non-invasive application of acupuncture using only lazer optic and acupressure tools, to create healing and expansion through all the body meridians, muscles, and organs.


The Center for Radiant Aliveness provides a safe haven for rest, cleansing, purification, and retreat from the world. For some people, depending on the level of difficulty of their personal Health challenges, and what they need to accomplish, live-in residency for short or even long term may be the most effective route. There have been students who have stayed anywhere from 3 days to 2 months in The Center.


The Center for Radiant Aliveness has created a serene space for your renewal and upliftment. The Center is designed to generate a sense of reverence, respect, and sacredness. This is where we will conduct our sessions and engage in inquiry and investigation of how you are currently living your life. This space is conducive to safety, warm feelings, high vibrations, and relaxation. This beautiful Ashram atmosphere leaves you feeling more in touch with your spirit and your higher self. Grace encourages blessings, invocation, intention setting, releasing, emotional presence, and and a genuine building of relationship with you.

The Center is not an office, but honored space for you to embrace all that you are wanting and needing to do in order to manifest your envisioned personal transformation. Grace hopes for you to take home with you the "feel" of this resonance and begin to imbue your own space with the beauty, cleanliness, and sacred space you experience in the Temple Room of The Center for Radiant Aliveness.

The Center has a lovely guest bedroom available for you to relax in. There is enough privacy to feel comfortable in, even though Grace is staying in The Center with you, stewarding your daily program, food, exercise, training, and communion with her and the community if you desire social interaction. These times build life-time relationships between student and teacher that will forever serve your personal support team in its value and depth.

Grace is also available to come to your home for a determined period of time and help you start or integrate your program in the comfort of your own environment.

During this time, you may choose to come for any of the following reasons:
  • Long term cleansing and deep purification
  • Weight loss programs that allow enough time to lose more pounds
  • Training in the art of healthy food preparation, exercise routines, or yoga
  • Time for you to pull inward, be more quiet, read, rest, retreat from life's pressures, phone, family, business or any source of disturbance you need a break from
  • Practice and enjoyment of meaningful communication and intimacy skills training
  • More in-depth and regular bodywork and healing of your physical symptoms




Come join me for whatever amount of time you grant yourself. Stay in my beautiful Center for Radiant Aliveness, a soothing Temple atmosphere designed to enrich your inner and outer experience. Everything in this Temple Home is filled with the love of beauty, grace, and ambience. Your comfortable room opens on to a lovely lanai with an ocean view, and privacy from the outside world. The Center is located in warm, sunny, and charismatic Maui Meadows, two minutes from the most beautiful beaches in Maui, and the high end of what's available in daily events and entertainment with the fantastic Wailea Hotels and walkway.

I will personally guide you smoothly and sensitively to upgrade your eating, body shape, and daily skills for healthy living. Eat, meditate, dance, counsel, fill up with wisdom and deep personal interaction, and invoke the manifestation of your Health vision. If you wish, you can join me in some of the wonderful local activities such as 5 Rhythm Dances, Drum Circles, and Nature Walks taking place each week on Maui. If you are feeling social, you can meet some of the beautiful locals from the conscious community that form such a rich part of life here. Return home with your heart filled and a toned, energized, and newly integrated practice program to enhance and benefit every aspect of your current life, relationships, and challenges.

Get out into the Maui wonderous-ness and hike the mystical Iao Valley, tour through lush Hana, and drive around the West Maui Mountains. Daily excursions into the rarified air of the "upcountry" mountain beauty, dolphin swims, and any island/ocean activity you can imagine are all within minutes of this beautiful temple, set up to offer you sweet rest, and upliftment.

You can count on me to bring my abundance of enthusiasm for positive change into all the activities of your program. I have an authentic interest in understanding your real needs and bring 25 years of coaching skill to determine and deliver to you the necessary training and input to accomplish your desired goals. Most important, I offer ongoing support to assist you in integrating this into your life after you return home.

I offer this opportunity to you, as the finest gift I have available. Come spend time with me here in Paradise and see for yourself, what miracles happen when you live a life in accordance with your highest, and prepare yourself to carry that on in your homelife. I promise you a vacation unparalleled in its ability to shift your life and your Health forever.

My blessings, Grace


"I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks with Grace. My greatest acknowledgement is how she helped me in moving from addiction into freedom, a very challenging process. I have been contemplating the life I now live and the life I feel is possible as a result of knowing her.

During the retreat, and since then, I have fallen in love with meditation, inner reflection, and the spiritual teachings we read from each morning.
If I continue to go deeper into this teaching with her and allow myself to be guided and shaped by her, I see a life unlike anything I could have ever imagined for myself. Grace helped me change in ways that multiple doctors had tried and failed. She is the only person who has helped me to really make the changes required to deeply shift and change my life.

Out of everything, I think the thing that has had the most impact has been the depth of her dedication to me. What she has given to me is beyond anything I could have imagined from a coach, guide, or teacher. The thing it comes closest to is a mother's unconditional love. She offered a beacon of hope and possibility to someone who was sinking fast; I think I was slowly killing myself with negative thoughts, poor self image, lack of belief in myself, and poor food choices. She helped me learn about real love, authenticity, and staying the course. She has opened me up to teachings and guidance that sustains me on a daily basis.

For me, I feel like I have all the greatest teachings encapsulated in one person; and that would be Grace Purusha. Anything I hear from anyone else, I have already heard uttered by her in some form. Her guidance is pure, clear, and unwavering.

I offer this with love, humility, and gratitude"

Linda Rose,  Oahu






Lunch, 2 snacks,
Dinner, Beverages


One Person INCLUDES:
· 3 Hours per day, One-on-One
· 3 Meals, Beverages, and Snacks
· Accomodation for One

SHARED PROGRAM $450 per day
Couples and Shared Bed Includes all the same as above

When you are enrolled in a Fitness Vacation with The Center, there is a three-hour minimum per day, so that we are assured to get the optimal results for your goals and intentions. This will include a morning workout, a private consultation and interaction, and a second workout. Even more time would be useful for ON SITE HEALTHY FOOD PREP TRAINING and a third workout if you are enthusiastic and committed to getting optimal results.

These programs are priced individually according to the hours per day utilized. If we spend more time than the minimum three hours itemized above, we add on those hours to the daily bill according to the service provided; (i.e. 1 hour bodywork - $70.)

In some cases Kama-aina rates will apply to locals wishing to do a Fitness Program and live at home. When certain cases of need apply, sliding scales will be considered.

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