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Diplomate Oriental Medicine
Master Nutritionist and Health Coach
Mentor for the Arts of Living

 Grace Purusha is an educator, mentor, and transformation guide. Her work is dedicated to assisting people intent on upgrading their relationship to their Self, their bodies, and the people in their world. To accomplish this, Grace utilizes the wisdom and practices of the Six Arts of Living: Eating; Movement ; Self Inspiration; Conscious Relating; Rest and Recreation; Purpose and Creativity.

 Grace holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education from Temple University. She also earned a Diplomate/Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from Emperor's College, and is a nationally certified Acupuncturist. Her degree included an intensive study program in Shanghai, China. Although her credentials are in Chinese Medicine, her emphasis transferred into a clinical practice based upon Naturopathic principles. In 1994, Grace began teaching and working with Dr. Charley Cropley, Naturopathic Physician. She completed her Naturopathic apprentice program with Dr. Cropley and was the primary practitioner in his Naturopathic clinic for many years. Together, they presented a highly attended, life-changing course, "Food is Your Best Medicine".

 Born out of a long time passion for the Art of Relating, and 25 years of studying with many renowned teachers in this field, Grace includes couples and relationship counseling as one of the special services in her practice. In 1996, as a Lifestyle Coach, she was featured as the cover profile in the nationally published Health monthly, Delicious Magazine.

 Grace has a valuable history in the world of food, as her father was a restaurateur, her mother a gourmet cuisiniaire, and was at one time married to a French chef. Her practicality in preparing Healthy food is without doubt one of the most valuable contributions she brings to her repertoire. Grace's dynamic class, "HEALTHY FOOD PREPARATION FOR BUSY PEOPLE" teaches people how to be prepared all the time with delicious and nutritious food, even with a busy schedule. This class has motivated and inspired thousands of participants to do what it takes to change their bodies and habits. This class is included in her DVD, "FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE." It is also offered in Maui on a regular basis.

 In 1997, Grace was part of a national tour of sixteen cities, lecturing and marketing an educational video/audio series, "SUPERIOR NUTRITION THROUGH COMMON SENSE", and was featured on radio shows across the U.S. Her book, "THE FIVE ESSENTIAL LAWS OF EATING", receives rave reviews from people looking for the inspiration to make the changes they know they should. She is a dynamic public speaker and lectures in seminars and conferences, including the Whole Life Expo. She has co-led retreats for up to 90 people at a time, teaching the arts of living, three to thirty day cleansing programs, in-depth training in the art of self-inspiration, communication skills, and exercise and movement. Currently, through her counseling practice, Grace offers a strong commitment to seekers wishing to accomplish transformation. This may often include live-in residency programs. Private sessions for those in other cities are available through phone consultations.

 At her creative core, Grace is an artist. She studied classical piano for ten years, is a painter, printmaker, singer, dancer, and comedienne at heart. She transferred her love of entertaining and her flair for theatre into the production of Health, wellness, and educational events that inspire, motivate and inform people how to acquire the Health they truly desire. Her passion and enthusiasm are "positively" contagious.

 Grace is an avid student of the daily practices that she believes are at the core of producing Health. She believes strongly in the philosophy of leading by example and is a radiant model of all that she teaches.

 Grace currently lives on Maui where she offers her clinical practice, workshops, and trainings.

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