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Written by Grace Purusha
Diplomate Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture
Master Nutritionist & Health Coach



"Grace Purusha's personal stories of her amazing transformation will inspire you to make the changes you have probably been wanting to make. With a simple but profoundly practical program she will give you the specific steps to adjust your eating and attitudes to enjoy vibrant health, greater happiness and better relationships. I admire those who truly walk their talk and she does".

John Gray, Ph.D, Author of Men are from Mars

"There is not doubt that Grace is the embodiment of the path to health. After twenty-five years as a Naturopathic Physician, I have never seen anyone with more passion or commitment to healing. I applaud her courage to document the teachings in this book. I am quite sure that anyone who reads it will forever carry a more empowering relationship to food and their body. It is the essence of ancient wisdom. She captures the original design for eating that all of us were meant to know, love and benefit from. It is a must for any true seeker of Health."

Charley Cropley, Naturopathic Physician, Author, Educator


This book is a 300 page, comprehensive overview and legacy of the foundational principles required to produce Health, long term. It is a veritable reference manual of Naturopathic principles, practices and philosophies. In addition to principles and science, the inclusion of Grace's uncensored sharing of the challenging experience of her own path from harm to health, makes this book deeply meaningful and hard to put down.

It contains the complete 21 Day Purification Program offered in "FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE", the renowned course offered for 20 years to thousands of people across the United States.

This informative book offers a written version of the entire cooking class, "HEALTHY FOOD PREP FOR BUSY PEOPLE". It contains all the education about how the digestive system functions. The science and process for detoxification in the body is addressed in depth, to further your understanding of how to correct conditions that are caused by the ways that we eat.

You will be motivated and moved by the thorough explanation of how too many carbohydrates in your diet makes you sick, fat and tired.

Of great value, is the last third of the book, which is a full account of Grace's own route to success. She takes you on an investigative pathway which explores the often endless difficulties we can experience when attempting to stay on track. This is the old story of knowing what you should do... but not being able to get yourself to do it.

All the most successful tips and advice for dealing with these difficulties are clearly laid out. The section on conquering food addictions is particularly powerful for those that suffer from self-destructive cravings and habits relating to sugar and processed carbs.

This book is a great gift to give yourself for lifelong inspiration and support. It's a wonderful gift for anyone you know who is looking for or needing a simple, informative and compelling pathway to Healthy living.

"I am now almost twice through Grace's book and can still barely put it down. It is magnificent. It goes over everything I would want to be able to read, that up until now has only been offered in lecture. This book speaks to those of us who have really struggled with giving up destructive behaviors around food, and it gives us a means to overcome them. Her book is truly divinely inspired. It has spoken to my heart and has restored to me a sense of hope. I am so grateful for this book. It has already changed my life."

Phyllis Hickman


These philosophies are not about any one theory, but about the miraculous nature of "real food" and how "real food" creates miracles in your body. It is about a whole way of eating and relating to food versus eating certain foods. I believe that the world doesn't need another book that will tell you what you ought to eat. It's not about, "Eat soy for breast cancer or eat broccoli for skin disease." It's not about fitting yourself into a formula.

"The Five Essential Laws of Eating" invites you to participate in a larger plan that was infallibly designed to nourish you. In this guidance system, you follow food from the whole to the parts of the whole, rather than from the parts of the whole to the whole. For example, I lean more towards eating whole food, than taking supplements. This is not an eating program to take care of heart disease or any individual organ or system. This system is about living in harmony with the whole and letting the whole take care of the heart, breast and immune system.

One of the Naturopathic principles explored in the book is, "Treat the Whole Person. Most people do not understand this "whole" concept. They have been conditioned to think they have to figure out what to eat for asthma, migraines, and arthritis. In the end, a person with asthma and migraines may end up eating a different diet. However, in this system, it wasn't found out by eating a prescribed diet for asthma and migraines. It was discovered by the whole person who discovered what took care of it for them. "THE FIVE ESSENTIAL LAWS OF EATING" is about principles such as aliveness, simplicity, cleanliness, and naturalness.

Another uniqueness of this book is the amazing simplicity in understanding. This path is not complicated. You can play at any level of commitment and get rewards for every step you take. It is self-determined, which is the quintessential difference of this style of eating. In addition to teaching you how to discover WHAT to eat for your body, it will show you HOW to do it. Yes!! We'll explore in depth the very real challenges that you face in living in alignment with natural law and how to overcome those challenges. And rather than being minimized, the challenges will be faced head on. The major challenge you face is how to do it…not figuring out what you ought to be doing.

The entire final third of the book is dedicated to the inner game of eating, emphasizing how to support your self through the challenges we all face. We'll look at how truly difficult it is to accomplish health on your own. I recognize that you succeed better when you do it as partners and groups. However, when that is not possible, I strongly encourage you to declare your intentions to important people in your life. This gives you accountability and support for your dreams.


This method includes diet, but also includes purification and individual allergy testing. There are books that emphasize each one of these different aspects. However, books that link it all together are few.?This book presents a flow of information that takes you on a journey with personality, heart and guts, plenty of useful education, compassion, courage building inspiration and specific programs. Unlike most "eating" books, you'll learn how to develop your own moral fiber, inspiring you to a new outlook on how you really could change your ways.

Giving you principles rather than formulas, this book offers a lifetime path that requires patience, is greatly forgiving, and makes sense. It releases you from the ever present conflict of yet another new theory you must understand and weed your way through. In contrast, "THE FIVE ESSENTIAL LAWS OF EATING" offers an understanding of the miraculous laws, principles, and secrets that have been here since forever and will be here long after we are gone. This is what makes this book unique.


The Five Essential Laws of Eating

A truly engaging book to inspire and motivate you,
while you learn and receive insights into how to change your relationship to food and eating.


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Often, readers wish to engage with me while or after reading the book. Please know that it is my pleasure to do consultations by phone, and I do this with people all over the world with great ease and success. If you wish to do this, please email me to tell me of your intention to do so. Let me know if I may be of service to you in this way, once you start reading through.
Thank you again for your interest in this unique approach to health and eating. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle that has been tried and true since the beginning of mankind. Good luck on your path, Grace Purusha

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