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or you are unsatisfied with the results of your current Health program, it's probably because you need to change the quality of your habits and actions to get the quality of Life and Health that you desire!

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT A LACK OF ENERGY AND VITALITY, a sense of pre-mature aging, being able to take off and keep off excess weight, chronic disturbing symptoms in your digestive tract, lungs and sinuses, high blood pressure and cholesterol, onset of diabetes, recurring headaches, unrelieved joint and muscle pain, and a poor future vision for your Health future?

NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE! If any of these conditions are left unattended they may result in chronic fatigue, degeneration and disease, inability to participate as you wish in life's many splendors, and a lack of creativity and zest for life that has you feeling poorly about yourself and your future!

WHAT YOU NEED IS AN IN-DEPTH ASSESSMENT of the way you are eating, exercising, and engaging with your life as it is. Then you must find a way to solve these problems that fits into your routine with the support that you need to make the transition.

THE SOLUTION: Activate your energy body and immune system to regenerate your vitality and core strength to regain the Health you desire. Determine the new and Health-full ways to live that are now required in order to rectify the harm and install the Healthy Habits that will sustain this for the rest of your life.

Why wait to get your new program started. Together, we will begin to discover the factors that are required for you to produce the Health, Energy, and Body Shape you are desiring. We will analyze your general eating and see which of your habits is most responsible for your current condition. Depending on your goals, we will begin adjusting quality, quantity, timing and patterns, according to your body's needs. If necessary, you will be guided to go on a cleanse, and begin to purify your blood, filter organs, and acid-alkaline ph...which will make you stronger and younger.

New students are welcomed from all areas of the world. We do not need to be in Maui to begin our mentor-student relationship. All of our initial and continued work together can take place on the phone and by email. Wherever you and I are, we can do all of our intake, questions, on-going consultations, and supervision of your program by phone and email. I am available for you to contact as often as you need. This on-going support is part of the initial start up cost to have as many minutes as you need to get all the support required to steward you in making the changes you will be implementing.

It's important that we determine what foods are causing a reaction within your body. Grace is an exemplary detective and will find out how food is related to causing your allergies, and any issues of sleep, skin eruptions, recurring herpes, digestion (i.e. irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, gas, acid reflux) overweight, underweight, cravings, mood swings, chronic fatigue or low energy, hypoglycemia, and anything that plagues you. It is a life-changing moment when we determine how a new food program will be able to help you heal!


If you need support getting in gear for a weight reduction program, you will be supervised through that. In regular sessions, we will make sure that you are staying accountable to your program and making progress. We will find a way to address your patterns and study your reactions to people, places, times of month, emotions, stress, fatigue and all aspects of what triggers you to eat inappropriately and when not hungry.


Over time, it has become obvious that the inclusion of personal studies is directly correlated to a student’s success in making and sustaining a new set of supportive habits. Important attention is placed upon character development and personal practices that generate consistency and confidence in your new lifestyle.

We will study from a grand array of books, teachers, audios, videos, and any tools that support the traits needed to engender your evolution as a human being. During our regular sessions, we will address many different character qualities such as: patience, discipline, compassion for self, equanimity, forgiveness, earnestness, willingness, consistency, resiliency, and many others.

It’s important for any prospective student to realize that we must address your level of personal awareness in order to overcome many of the traits and habits that have unintentionally wreaked havoc in your body and life. We will replace old ways with new perspectives and begin to uproot eating and life patterns that have arisen out of doubt, fear, hopelessness, resignation, laziness, resistance, and inappropriate indulgence and seeking for “relief”.

Part of your curriculum will include the creation of your guiding values and life visions. Also, an engaging array of meditation techniques will be introduced, supporting you in establishing the daily lifestyle that will bring you greater peace, balance, and ability to stay aware of the new attitudes that will be so instrumental in the continued success of your program. Also, we will instill new mantras, templates for inner dialogue, principles for handling difficult circumstances, and specific practices for your outdated, non-beneficial patterns.

Out of this kind of attention, you will steadily evolve into a person who has much greater control over your choices, emotions, and thoughts that have characteristically inhibited your greater intentions. We will study your actions and patterns and create a whole new template for living that fosters inner encouragement, strength, and skill that is ultimately required to produce and sustain higher levels of Health, peace, and well-being.


What I recommend is that we get fully involved in the study of YOU. What makes you tick, when do you eat when not hungry or emotional? Do you eat too much, too late, too often, wrong combinations? Is your exercise commensurate with your ability? Are you able to be honest even when you are challenged, fearful about letting go of your addictions? Do you eat on the run, and choose comfort foods?

You will receive one hundred percent support. We will check in with you especially when you don't. We care and are available for support when you need it. You become part of the community of health minded individuals that are accountable to Grace. This is GREAT news.


The Center for Radiant Aliveness has created a serene space for your renewal and upliftment. The Center is designed to generate a sense of reverence, respect, and sacredness. This is where we will conduct our sessions and engage in inquiry and investigation of how you are currently living your life. This space is conducive to safety, warm feelings, high vibrations, and relaxation. This beautiful Ashram atmosphere leaves you feeling more in touch with your spirit and your higher self. I encourage blessings, invocation, intention setting, releasing, emotional presence, and and a genuine building of relationship with you. The Center is not an office, but honored space for you to embrace all that you are wanting and needing to do in order to manifest your envisioned personal transformation. I intend that you take home with you the "feel" of this resonance and begin to imbue your own space with the beauty, cleanliness, and sacred space you experience in the Temple Room of The Center for Radiant Aliveness.

  • A lean body that is toned, smaller bellied, alive and radiant
  • A purified body that is not an invitation to sickness
  • Greater youthfulness, vigor, and energy
  • Better moods and balance due to a central nervous system that is supported by clean blood
  • A strong immune system that has been purified of toxic waste that causes aging, fatigue and sickness
  • Great self-esteem that you are really becoming a master of your habits and relationship to food
  • Reduction of all symptoms that are caused by poor eating: skin, digestion, moodiness, respiratory tract, sleep, fatigue, low sex drive, demanding food cravings, muscle and joint pain, bloating and gas, and much more.


Healthy food prep every day or how to eat in the world and stay true to your program
  • How to go through several kinds of natural, easy, cleanses.
  • How to make the shift from your old way of consuming, to the new way of eating in alignment with The Five Essential Laws of Eating
  • Dealing with Food addictions, habits, and patterns that no longer work
  • What are your food sensitivities
  • An exercise program that trains you in endurance, flexibility and strength….in an enjoyable way that brings you pleasure
  • How to indulge and get back on track right away
  • How to master your ability to guide yourself through correcting the symptoms that are caused by the way you eat
  • How to deal with your resistance, fears, and discomfort regarding what you think you need or will miss


Included in your package will be our initial intake consultation, "THE FIVE ESSENTIAL LAWS OF EATING" book, all important audio and video study material, and a good chunk of minutes to see us through the first segment of our getting you started on your new program. No matter where you are in the world, I am available by phone and email. So you will always be able to catch up and receive inspiration when you need it.

When I begin a mentorship with a new client, I take this on with sincere commitment. Great honor is given to the investment that both of us are making. It allows for an extensive first intake that fully evaluates all aspects of your health and current physical condition, with primary focus upon your eating, and living. Also included in the start-up retainer is an approximate 2 month period of consulting, check-ins, email communication, short questions, support through healing crises, and cleanses.


The Center rates are $80 an hour for the initial consult...and then it goes to $60 for all our follow ups after that. The start-up program costs includes the purchase of Grace's book, which will be your text book, the DVD of The Ten Keys to Eating, the basic transmission that you will want to review often and also probably share with others.

You also purchase a package of follow-up sessions so that you know we are working together for about 2 months with regular check-ins. Some people like to have an hour each week; others prefer little short check-ins more regularly. It's up to you.

In addition you will receive an in-depth, thorough package of handouts, instructions sheets, menu suggestions, reading material, articles, and essays on subject matters that will specifically address some of your challenges, i.e. how coffee, salt, and sugar actually effect your body functions.

Please take in mind that newcomers on the path can often go through a period of wanting to "back-out" due to fear of it being too: timely, costly, difficult, uncomfortable, personality stuff, dark side, etc. Everything will show up in this process...as changing the way we eat is one of the most challenging and difficult shifts we can take on. So please be aware that there are no refunds during this initial period of the first retainer. Our plan is to go through this together until you are free of your fears and resistance.


  • 1 book $30
  • 1 DVD $25
  • Initial consultation $95-115 (approximate time @ $75 per hour)
  • Exercise training (optional) First time 60 (follow-up workouts with Grace and you are 30 per session)
  • Follow up visits $150 (Until it's used up..7 weeks at about 20 min per week) (Approximately 20 minutes per week @ $60 per hour, depending on how much interaction you wish…probably between 30 and 60 is more likely.)
Total initial retainer investment:
$360 includes workout training
$300 no workout training


Please make check payment to: Radiant Aliveness. Or you can pay through paypal.com using this email address: gracepurusha@gmail.com
If paying with credit card, please add an additional 3% for paypal commission.


Please consider this exceptional opportunity to make the shift you have been needing to make, or unable to make on your own. Together, we will go as far as you wish to go on your path to transformation. You will be escorted through this process with all the dignity, loyalty, and commitment required to achieve the goals you need and hold dear.


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