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During our first phase of work together, we will adjust your eating program to reduce or exclude allergens, move away from processed carbohydrates, and eliminate stimulating beverages, caffeinated sodas, teas, and drinks. We will reduce the size of your meals if they were too large and increase the time between meals, if you were eating before you were hungry. You will establish your practice of eating simply…one concentrated food with your vegetables for your primary meals; either a protein, starch or fat. Although people can go through a withdrawal phase as they reduce and remove items from their eating, it is usually short lived, and after it subsides, you feel more balanced, consistent, and free from your old cravings. Your belly goes down, energy rises, and fat melts away.

This is the first phase of cleansing your body; removing the harm. These practices alone will begin to reduce the stress on your digestive tract, the burden on your liver, and the fatigue engendered from over-eating, and poor food combining. With this alone, and although challenging to make the shift, you will reap results that will convince you that it is worth it.

If and when you are ready, and we feel it will advance or accelerate meeting your optimal Health goals, we may then choose to take you through a cleanse, or purification. This may done in many ways, to suit your life needs. We may use only food. We may choose to have you drink only liquid substances. We may do a combination of the two. Depending on your ability and interest, we will decide how many days this will continue.

After the cleanse segment is completed, we will carefully move you out of this phase and into regular eating again. All of the instructions, tips, recipes, and more will be sent to you to support you through the next phase. This is a very significant time for you to stay true to the program you had been practicing before the cleanse began.

Cleansing itself is very vitalizing and uplifting. The blood gets purified from all that the organs of filtration were not able to attend to. It is an overwhelming job to detoxify the blood from the sewage produced over years and decades of poor eating. The good news is that this is accomplished by the miracle of the body and its innate ability to clean and attend to filtration when eating is reduced to light, clean, alkaline substances.

At The Center for Radiant Aliveness, cleansing and purification are some of our top objectives in order to give you a powerful reference point of how wonderfully good you can still look and feel. After you experience this paradigm shift in your body, you never want to go back to your old ways. You may choose to enjoy your old tastes and favorite treats, but you will never be ignorant again about what takes you away from it, nor how to get back to Health Haven, the place where your body is free of poisons. This feeling that results from purification will always be remembered, and from then on, you will wish to remember the principles and practices you engaged to accomplish this rejuvenating experience.

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