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 Radiant Aliveness specializes in addressing all of your physical ailments, pains, injuries, and life tension with experienced body-work, non-invasive acupuncture, and traditional oriental meridian clearing and opening. In addition, professional, caring, and sensitive attention is given to the simple human need for nurturing your body.

 As an acupuncturist and bodyworker for 25 years, Grace has developed a unique, non-invasive application of acupuncture using only lazer optic, acupressure tools, and her hands to create healing and expansion through all the body meridians, muscles, and organs. This, together with her integrated system of numerous effective styles of bodywork, and exceptional investigation of how your eating could be corrected will address all sources of potential harm resulting from changes needing to be made.

 Grace considers the nurturing aspect of bodywork to be essential. During the time that people are studying at The Center for Radiant Aliveness, there is an awareness of the often difficult challenge it is to upgrade and shift all the different aspects of your transformation into a finer way of living. There is no doubt that during this time we need additional nurturing and professional avenues for increased intimacy and understanding of our basic human needs…such as pure, wholesome, and therapeutic touch. For this reason, Grace offers a beautiful sacred space, where you and your body can receive the same level of excellence that you are being given in your education. This is a time to balance your mind and body, your hard work with genuine, useful pleasure.

 We hope that you take advantage of the opportunity to receive Grace's expertise, and deeply healing touch.


These sessions are for the person who wishes deeper healing, caring and loving presence, in addition to gentle, caring touch. My intention is to utilize my sensitivity and unique healing methods to transmit loving energy to you and your body. This is a place for your body, emotions and heart to be nurtured by my presence, training, and sincere interest.

Your body will receive soft, therapeutic, penetrating yet flowng touch that relaxes your muscles while nourishing your inner being. You will experience revitalization as we activate and open your physical energetic channels. The depth of relaxation you can experience with this genre of bodywork and healing is often far beyond what can be reaped by traditional massage.

These are session with a very high vibration of loving energy, and conscious presence. Your soul will feel touched with attention and caring of a very pure nature.

Your time with me is a rich and delcious showeirng of sacred feminine attention in a way that has you feel seen, nurtured and honored. My healing sessions are for thsoe with refined senses interested in receiving the benefit and essence of quality, training, and inner beauty.

Once we begin our healing session we may find there is an interest in other modalities that would include focus on teaching and practicing powerful techniques that are geared towards cultivating energy through breath, chakra activation, and more contact with our inner beings.

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