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 I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and am a Sagittariun. My father was eccentric, highly expressive, a talented violinist and music lover, restaurateur, and lover of everything fun. I credit my father for my passion and enthusiasm for life, but particularly my love of music, art, nature, food and my uncompromising need to follow my dreams. My mother is to this day the image of loveliness and a devout health enthusiast. I have always considered her to be highly intelligent and the epitome of good taste and graciousness. I credit my mother for my irresistible tendencies to create alluring ambience and beauty in the home atmosphere. I learned how to love from my mother.
 My brother, Dr. Rob Krakovitz, a holistic medical doctor par excellence, and author of "High Energy", had a profound influence throughout my life on my understanding and commitment to using natural ways of healing for the needs of my body. It was in Rob's office and under his supervision that I first began stewarding people in the science of detoxification.
 I have a son, Loic Xion. He is the apple of my eye and an expression of uniqueness. He is a combination of unbridled eccentricity, humor, honesty and love unparalleled by anyone I know. I have two grandchildren by Loic and Gypsy, his wife.
 I always loved being a student. I was always a student who could not stop studying until I knew the material. This was my way. I graduated with honors in high school, and magna cum laude from Temple University, in 1973, as a combination English, Education, and Art major. I finished my post graduate work at Tyler School of Art, with a Masters degree in Education, and as a teacher of Fine Arts, which I never pursued.
 I worked from 1983 to 1993 as a certified massage therapist. In 1993, I received my Masters degree in Oriental Medicine, from Emperor's College in Santa Monica and am a nationally certified Acupuncturist.
Out of my intensive study program in China and my own attraction to instinct and intuition, I engaged a unique style that addressed the inner healing of my patients and students more deeply than the common application of acupuncture.
 In 1994, I met Charley Cropley, Naturopathic Physician, educator, clinician, when I attended my first "Health Coach" seminar. He was teaching with Dr. Mark Percival, the founder of "Health Coach Systems International" and a magnificent example of a loving and brilliant human being. Together they formed the backbone of this organization dedicated to training physicians how to treat illness by using nutrition, education and natural non-harmful remedies.
 When I met Charley, I had just graduated from acupuncture school. I had come to learn how to educate my patients in self-reliant Health care. I sat in the back of the room and listened to Charley speak about Health and what was required to produce it. I saw in him a deeply passionate and very wise human being. He radiated what he taught. From that moment forward, we enjoyed a rich relationship that continues to this day.
 Charley and Mark were my mentors during the several years that I attended Health Coach events. It was here, as a Health Coach in training, that I gained the wealth of their techniques, protocols, psychology, and education in nutrition. I learned and studied everything I could get my hands on regarding nutrition and how to use food as medicine.
 Charley's influence was the most powerful personal training I had yet experienced in my life. I learned and practiced all the Arts of Living that he modeled. My love for naturopathic principles and educating patients became much more compelling to me than acupuncture. I apprenticed with Charley, learning his protocols and methods. I learned how he used the few supplements that he recommended and a variety of eating programs that could deal with almost any condition a person presented with. My training included a sound and proven detoxification-cleanse that produced dramatic results for people… motivating them to make the changes necessary to sustain their victories.
 Primarily, I learned how to inform people about how their body worked and what actions they were engaged in that disturbed healthy functioning. At the core of my work, I guide people how to begin and sustain a new relationship with food that honors what they really want with their Health. After I completed my apprentice program with Charley, I became the principle coach in his clinic, shifting my practice more towards counseling than acupuncture.
 Together we developed a practical system for training people to improve their Health through their own actions, using medicines and therapies as adjuncts where necessary. We produced an array of audio, visual and written materials. These can be viewed in the Educational Products page of this website.
 The 21 Day Purification, is the program Charley taught for twenty years in Boulder, Colorado, where it was known as "Food is Your Best Medicine". After some in depth training, I joined Charley in teaching this course for the next eight years. A documentary entitled "Food is Your Best Medicine" was produced by GAIM INTERNATIONAL on our core philosophies and practices.
 My greatest credential is the devotion I have applied to my own healing path. I am inspired by the intention to teach and lead by example, and want this to be what shines to students as the very hope that healing is also possible for them. I operate like a wagon train leader, pointing the way through difficult terrain. I attempt to infuse my counseling with humor, humility, and the delightful entertainment of one devoted Health enthusiasts real life journey.
 I have a history in the world of food, with my father in the business, my mother a gourmet cuisiniere and my previous husband, a French chef. Over the years, I have acquired a knack for creative food preparation. I have had my own Healthy Food Snack Bar, and also opened and operated the first allergen free, Healthy Food catering business in Aspen, Colorado. My popular cooking classes, which teach people how to be prepared with delicious and nutritious food, even with a busy schedule, demonstrate how to have Healthy food prepared in a practical way.
 I have a strong commitment to support students in making the difficult and often challenging changes required in the shift towards eating in harmony with nature. In 1996, as a Lifestyle Coach, I was featured as the cover profile in the nationally published Health monthly, Delicious Magazine. This article encouraged serious health seekers to consider the value of working with a trained Health Coach, a professional who will see you through the transition from your old way of eating and living, into one that produces radiant health.
 I am the founder and managing director of The Radiant Aliveness Fellowship, a school and training ground for the six arts of living. Although teaching the art of eating will always be a primary focus, I consider the art of communication, man-woman relationship, and sacred intimacy to be an equally important service on the planet at this time.
 The Radiant Aliveness Fellowship offers a wide variety of courses and classes in The Arts of Living, including fitness retreats and relationship trainings. Both individuals and groups are welcome to come and study or take temporary residence in order to more deeply root the principles and practices of health and happiness. I often live with people for a month or two and thoroughly train them and their families in all the arts of living, with a strong emphasis on eating, food preparation, and exercise.
 In essence, my work teaches people that both help and harm come from within ourselves. We can stop looking to external sources for a quick fix or cure for our problems. We as health seekers can come to accept that we are the source of everything good and bad for us and that we must harmonize our desires with the laws of nature. May your association with me bring passion, wisdom, and aliveness to your journey towards Health. May it be as contagious, irresistible and deeply rewarding to you as it has been for me.

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